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This music format rocks! This is MY kind of "adult contemporary" music. Keep up the good work, and much success with it.


- Hugh C.

Since I stumbled on your web site a few weeks ago I spend many an hour at home with my wireless headphones enjoying your music doing work around my home or just while surfing the web. Many thanks for being there.

- Gary

Enjoyed Best Of Everything today.

- Dick


This station is a refreshing change, if you are just a bit tired of the rockin' and rollin' for a little while. This ain't corporate-approved lite rock that soccer moms listen to, necessarily...so far, I've heard Peggy Lee, Jerry Vale, Paul Anka, Jimmy Buffett, The Beach Boys, some old doo wop, The Weavers, the Grease soundtrack, Bob Marley's "One Love"...this is kinda nice.


Continuing to really enjoy your music on "The Best of Everything." I understand that Congress met last week and heard the concerns of webcasters about the royalty controversy. Do you think you will be able to stay on the air? I certainly hope so: you can't get this quality or variety of music on a.m. or f.m.

- DM

Hi Bob... It is no wonder I always liked you: you love MUSIC! And here I thought you were a "talk" guy. I love what you are doing with TBOE. I have had that same feeling for SO long and it drives me nuts that the message is so difficult to spread. I can't get over the fact that agencies have yet to move the $$Demo from 25-54 to 35-64. Keep up the good innovation.

- Bobby Rich

I absolutely LOVE "the best of everything". How cool it is to hear a show tune one minute and then be listening to one of my favorite artists like John Denver the next. The mixture of songs and artists is fabulous. I listen all day at work and love the fact that there is no distracting talk to disrupt my day. I applaud you and wonder what took you so long? Keep it up!

- MJ

I just started listening to the site and love the variety. My dad was a huge big band and Sinatra fan, so that's the music I grew up with. And I try to stay current through alternative rock stations (I'm still a rocker at heart.) But please--no "Muskrat Love" from Captain & Tennille

- Risa W.

Enjoy your station. Is their a playlist log so I can see who is singing specific songs?

-Gary T.

Congratulations on The Best of Everything...I just downloaded it and am thoroughly enjoying the music. I'm going to send this on to all our friends. Thanks again...It's great.

- Joe E.

I just checked out your site-- very cool! Congrats! - Mara R.
Sounds great so far.

- Walt P.

Just discovered "The Best of Everything." Love the variety. I also enjoy instrumentals, so my only suggestion is that you would consider interspersing them in between your great music. Keep up the good work.

- Don M.

I'm listening now. The format is impressive! Even the Billie Holliday cut fit perfectly and was great to hear. The bottom line is that it sounds wonderful.

- Rich W.

I'm thrilled that you got your format vision up and running. I have it on right now. So far I have heard Jerry Lee Lewis' Great Balls of Fire into Satchmo's La Vie En Rose. Congratulations on getting it done.

- Harry V.

I am a 73 year old retired high school teacher who happens to share your love of music. I read with interest your overview of programming for The Best of Everything. I agree with everything you said.

- Tony M.

Wow! A true "variety" music format I can enjoy listening to. I spent 40 plus years in broadcasting (Country, 50's-60's rock, American standards) and love the way you've put 'em all together. Keep up the good work.

- Ed R.

I had it on for HOURS today.

- Holland C.

I love it, Bob! Sounds great.

- Tom in Washington

I listened for a couple of hours over the past two days. Really, really good. Congratulations. Even got me listening to some songs I never would have sought out on my own.

- Ellis

I just tuned in and the first thing I heard was Chariots of Fire. I thought that was very special! I wish you the very best.

- George S.

I have been working on the computer listening to your new venture. VERY nice! Thank you.

- Bob M.

I think this is an amazing idea, especially with the disposable income of your target audience. I think you are going to be very successful with this endeavor and I wish you much success. By the way, I am definitely in this demographic and can verify your conclusions. I'd like a penny for each time a friend or colleague has decried the state of music in the media today. I think I'd be set for life.

- Kathy M.

What a great adventure for you - who said you were retired! Can't wait to have the Best keep me company - good luck!

- Mary S.

What a treat! I have been enjoying this all day...from Judy Garland to Rex Harrison to Charlotte Church to Elvis. I could skip the mid-80's English bands but what a small price to pay! Thank you so much for sharing. The first pass at the website goes into the Win column.

- Lauri S.

Thank you , thank you !!!! I can not tell you how happy you and your program have made me. I have been so upset since the radio station that carried " The Music Of Your Life " was cancelled. I never turned my computer off last night. I'M IN MUSIC HEAVEN.

- Maria S

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL oh soooooooooo WONDERFUL....Such a treat to listen to GREAT MUSIC...It really is THE BEST OF EVERYTHING......

- Mary T.